We wanted to introduce the CEVİZ (walnut) for our child guests, the most important guests of Fresco :) Hello my name is Walnut, I was born 2012, it was my birthday last May. Nobody celebrated. I guess no one celebrates my birthday anymore because I ran away when they took me to the valley as a birthday present and they called me on foot for 5 hours. What I ate in Fresco Mansions, I ate in front of me, I did not eat, I even became dobik, but I still love to escape. There is no place I haven't been to. Even a year ago, I brought bones as big as my head to the hotel, instead of thanking them, everyone escaped from the smell. I get myself pierced every time I escape. For example, today morning I came to the hotel with a hole in my head. “We would buy 20 dogs with the vet money we gave to walnuts,” said one. First of all, they can't find someone like me. Secondly, why do you buy them with money, there are many shelters, buy one of them". For the last two days, I've been running away from somewhere at night, coming to the hotel in the mornings, and I've been sleeping soundly. When she didn't come last night, Gamze was very worried, she was very angry when she came to me in the morning.“ You know, it was useful in the past, at least you played with the guests and took care of your children. You've become so unappreciative. Look at the dogs on the street how they need love.” said. For one thing, I am against comparison between dogs. Not true in terms of communication. Anyway, despite this beautiful dress, the bidet washed me in front of the hotel and put ointment on my pierced head. I left it in the sun to dry later. Now I put on my cutest expression to let me in, I stare at him.