An Anatolian Culture: Tandoor Foods
Tandoor is food and a warm ambient for anatolian people. It is a culture that flavours to the life. This culture which continues dated from Hittites is defeated to the technology latterly unfortunately.
Tandoor is being used for two aims: For heating and for cooking. First, make a fire in a whole which is approximately 70-80 cm deep, 50 cm diameter and in the middle of room. Then it is covered via big stone covarage. A small chair is put over the tandooor and it is also covered via quilt of carpet. People sit around the tandoor and put their feed over tandoor. Tandoor is the warmest supporter of the conversations.

At the same time, Tandoor is a tool for cooking and making bread.It is fired by using wood or grape sticks (gılamada or çıtırgı). When the fire is quite enough, the circular leaven is pasted to the walls of the tandoor.
For cooking in tandoor, the potteries produced in this region are used.
Prepared ingredients (meat, meat with vegetablesi chicken, chickpea, cannellini bean or vegeterian) are put into potteries and placed into the tandoor. Then it is closed with stone shutter. And also all breathers are closed.

Please make your reservation for tandoor food one day before. The foods are only preparing for you.

We have only 4 pax/day capacity in our tandoor room.
Our tandoor restaurant capacity is:
U shape : 34 pax
Dinner : 45 pax
Class shape : 50 pax

Technical Equipment: Deve Damı has the necessary technical equipment and sound system for all kinds of events.
Technical Equipment: Screen, Projector, wireless microphone, Philip chart (blackboard)

The dinner starts 19:00


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