Name of the Programme:

Be our guest in a Turkish Home

Type of the programme:

You can have a cooking class or you can be only quest for dinner in a Turkish House.

Where ?:

In Ürgüp

How can I go there?

You can take a taxi or go with your own car.

What is the aim of Cooking class :

This Cooking Class is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and stimulating an interest in the colorful and diverse culture of the Turkish community in Cappadocia. This class's aim is to represent Turkish culture and foster cultural interaction between the Turkish people and our quests. It will be a fun experience slicing, dicing, chopping, grating, and preparing a delicious Turkish meal in a real Turkish home.

What is the cancellation policy? :

The cancellation of booking is possible at least one day before the programme date. The declaration after one day is not taken into consideration and the guest is charged full amount of the price by hotel. If the cancellation happens because of the chef , you do not need to pay.

What is included in the price :

If you choose cooking class option, the price is included: Taking a cooking lesson from a Turkish housewife and you will eat together . If you choose dinner option, you will have dinner with Turkish family.