Dear Guests,
Under this circumstances, your health is our first priority as always. All of our team members are working to host you in healthy conditions and to see you off healthiliy without compromising your comfort.
We are proud of serving you as you are at your sweet home.
We have completed pandemic protocols and certification protocols launched by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism and get our safe tourism certificate.

We want to share some of our countermeasures in terms of Covid-19 with you:

* Please be informed that none of our guests have stayed in this room in the last 72 hours.

* All of our rooms are cleaned with special disinfectants by our housekeepers who were trained and certified by authorities.

* Air conditions and filters are disinfected&cleaned every overnight stay.

* All of the equipments at your room have been cleaned&disinfected untouched before 48 hours and protected for you.

* We control running water in our plant regularly (chlor level, ppm and general)

* Tempreture of guests are checked&recorded daily basis in lin with official procedures and obligations. In case of emergency, we made all plans to keep your health stable and reach you hospital immediately&safely.
* All the places in our hotel are disinfected frequently.

* Please inform us about the risks or status that you think it may be dangerous for you or for our team. Our first priority is safety. Please be informed that we don't conpromise on this issue.

* Lifts, stairs, couches and tables on common areas are disinfected regularly and after each usage.

* Bathrooms are disinfected untouched with special disinfectants. You can use with complacency.

It is very important for us you to experience healthy and pleasent stay at Fresco. We need your support more than ever. Thank you for your cooperation and support in advence.
Have a nice and healthy days.