Room Detail 202 - AL ODA

in the Selamlık part of Fresco. The room takes its name from the red colour. The harmony of the contrasting colors is conspicuous in the room. In bedroom, there are 150 years old frescos. In that period, these frescos which are in the center of the wall called  “ gateway to heaven” or “curtain of heaven”. The founder of Haremlik and Selamlık part of Fresco paid 1 gold coin  for 1 meter fresco. In order to protect the frescos, second owner of mansions bribed the shepherd to pass his sheep herd from another way (far away from mansions and the routes were determined based on wind route). By the way, the dust of the sheep herds did not damage the frescos. Owner of the mansions cleaned the frescos with natural mineral water in spring time. 

Room type  : Deluxe  Type  : Mansion   Bed Type  : TW/French