Turun Adı:

Yürüyüş Rotaları


It depends on the valley that you choose

Type of the tour

It can be group or your own self

Which valleys or hills are ideal for trekking :

The Rose and Red Valley : A fantastic ravine turning canyon which tumbles dramatically from Ak Tepe's southern shoulder. Zelve Valley : This three-pronged canyon in the Ak Tepe massif is another open-air museum (so don't expect much solitude unless you penetrate deep into the valleys). Wander among ruined churches and houses in this one-time monastic retreat, beneath thrilling cliffs and unreal spires and formations. The Devrent Valley: Further east beyond Zelve: extraordinary formations, thickly grouped. Some great wandering and imagining, but this is near the road, so don't expect to be alone. Zemi and Love valleys: Which are accessible from the Goreme Open-air Museum road, so easily combined with a museum visit. The track that winds above the southern cliffs of Zemi Valley is particularly rewarding, with its wide 'oramas over the countryside as well as views down into the valley itself. A marvellous little chapel (with ceiling paintings) carved into a single protrusion early on. Pigeon Valley, between Goreme and Uchisar. The first proper ridge east of Goreme is a superb place, with particularly dramatic formations and some fascinating rock-houses. Easy walking and fabulous late afternoon light. Other valleys : 'Monastery Valley' to Tahtali Valley, near Mustafapasa, some 5 hours; From Gomede along the Uzengi and Pancarlik Valleys to Ortahisar; Balkanderesi and Zindanou Valleys. Ak Tepe (White Hill): A high mesa (table hill) near Goreme has superb atmosphere and views and should not be missed if you are in the area. Hasan Dağı : The magnificent ancient volcano of Hasan Dagli near Ilhara. The Ala Daglar :National Park in the Taurus Mountains to the south, which has a superb selection of very different, high, demanding walks in remote limestone mountains.