Fresco Cave Suites became the first accommodation facility in Cappadocia to receive the Green Star Certificate in 2013, adopting an environmentally friendly approach. Believing in the importance of hotels' sustainable tourism efforts and the limited nature of resources, Fresco Cave Suites has taken a proactive approach to prevent waste generation and reduce pollution. The hotel's core environmental policy is to take steps towards sustainable living and tourism, involving all stakeholders and employees, to leave a livable Cappadocia for future generations. Our mission is to take proactive steps towards sustainable use of resources and conservation of the environment, leaving a more livable world for future generations. In addition to providing our guests with a comfortable accommodation experience, we aim to preserve and develop the region's natural, cultural, and social wealth by adopting an environmentally friendly approach. Our vision at Fresco Cave Suites is not only to be a lodging facility, but also to be a leader in sustainable tourism and an inspiration to all stakeholders in the region. We aim to promote environmentally friendly practices in and around our hotel, towards goals such as increasing environmental awareness, supporting local communities, boosting the regional economy, and improving the well-being of society. Our active role in protecting the environment and passing it on to future generations is paramount